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Recruitment MARKETING

Recruiting and its environment have changed. Nowadays, candidates need to be treated as carefully as clients, because today talent chooses the organization.

Innovative recruitment marketing solutions of CV-Online will help you to reach and address relevant candidates more successfully.


Importance of recruitment marketing

Effective attraction and retention of employees are the main advantages for companies, which help both save financial resources and guarantee significant advantages when competing with others. Attractive organizations attract more candidates and can choose the best of the most suitable candidates.

Recruitment marketing is all kinds of communication about the employer’s brand that the company uses to attract and address potential candidates in the pre-application phase.

of companies will have increased recruitment marketing needs over the next 2 years
companies are already using recruitment marketing solutions to attract talents
candidates would rather not apply for a job if they hadn't heard of the employer in the past
Source: CV-Online Employers’ and Candidate Experience Survey Data, 2019

Candidate resources and recruitment channels

Active job seekers
actively considering job offers
Passive job seekers
open to job offers

More than 65% of the population aged between 15 and 74, or 920 000 people are currently employed in Latvia, while 60 000 workers are unemployed. According to a study carried out by TNS Emor in 2019, 42% of Latvian employees are currently actively considering job offers and nearly 80% of them primarily use different Internet resources for job search – mostly job portals and social networks.

Our services

CV-Online offers a number of recruitment marketing solutions designed for companies with different recruitment needs to help them effectively reach and address both active and passive job seekers.
Social media
  • Paid advertising on the most popular social media for the selected audience
  • Creating advertising design and content
  • Campaign management and reports
Price: from 280 €
  • Repeated advertising on digital channels for the selected user audience
  • Creating advertising design and content
  • Campaign management and reports
Price: from 350 €
Google Display Network
  • Advertising in the world’s largest ad network for the selected audience
  • Creating advertising design and content
  • Campaign management and reports
Price: from 300 €

Advertising solutions in job portals

CV-Online manages the most popular job portals in Latvia, which provides the largest resource for job seekers for vacancies of different levels. - the leading job and career portal for talents and professionals - one of the most popular job portals for lower and medium level jobs
We offer a variety of recruitment marketing solutions in our job portals to effectively highlight the employer and the vacancies it offers.

Custom HR marketing campaign

Based on your company's goals, recruitment needs and budget, we can create and implement a customized recruitment marketing campaign. This includes an analysis of the situation, the establishment of an appropriate marketing plan, the development of graphic design and content for various promotional materials, and the use of a variety of marketing communication channels.
Situation analysis and marketing plan
  • Study and analysis of the situation
  • Targeting appropriate audiences
  • Setting up campaign goals
  • Development of a communication plan
  • Collecting and analysing campaign results
Content marketing
  • Creating campaign texts (copywriting)
  • Creating graphic design of advertising materials – banners, layouts, landing pages
  • Preparation of video and photo materials
  • Preparation of printed promotional materials
  • Creating articles for blog and other channels
Digital, social media and e-mail marketing
  • Advertising on the most popular websites in Latvia
  • Advertising on any social media
  • Remarketing
  • Advertising on Google platform
  • Advertising in e-mails of various databases
Traditional marketing
  • Advertising on radio, TV, printed media, public transport, public places, labour office
  • Representation in educational institutions
  • Organizing career events
PR and candidate experience
  • Creating surveys, communicating and summarizing results
  • Preparation of press release
  • Measuring candidates’ experience during recruitment
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Our advantages

Professional cooperation partner

In order to achieve the objectives of recruitment and strengthening of the employer's brand, it is important to attract a professional cooperation partner, who is not only well acquainted with the marketing side but also with the current trends in the labor market and HR. Our 20-year experience, a market leading position and a team of qualified recruitment and marketing specialists are a proof to the quality of the solutions provided by CV-Online to our customers.

One-stop agency

We are acting as a one-stop agency, providing customers with a wide range of solutions for talent recruitment, ranging from job portal to full-service recruitment project management combined with recruitment marketing solutions. This allows the company to collaborate with one partner, saving resources and allowing achieving goals more effectively.

Access to a wide audience of candidates

Reaching and addressing relevant candidates is a cornerstone of the recruitment marketing. Our daily lives are closely linked to the use of different digital marketing channels, particularly social media and Google, for recruitment purposes. Managing the most popular career and job portals provides additional added value to our customers, allowing us to be the only services provider in Latvia to offer such a wide range of candidate resources.

Convenient solutions for any situation

The variety of marketing channels and the opportunities they provide are very broad, which often requires specific expertise to choose the right solution. To make this process more convenient and simple, we offer our customers both standardized solutions that will boost quality applications for most vacancies, and develop a tailored recruitment marketing campaign that will also help achieve more challenging recruitment goals.

Activities in the Baltic States

More and more companies are considering candidates from other countries to deal with the labor supply problems. Similarly, a large number of companies operate in several countries where they have separate recruitment needs. We are represented throughout the Baltics, which enables us to offer our customers recruitment marketing solutions also in Estonia and Lithuania.

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