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Google Display Network

Google Display Network is the largest advertising network in the world that can reach up to 90% of all Internet users worldwide. As a result, this advertisement network opens up opportunities to reach a wide audience and tell you about your service or goods.

Google Display Network is a popular recruitment marketing channel because it provides a variety of targeting options – by landing pages, content, or audience. Do you want to show your advertisement on major news portals? Or are you only interested in showing your advertisement on pages about business and finance? Perhaps you want to show your advertisement to those interested in the latest technologies? All this is possible because with Google Display Network the advertisement can be placed on the most popular Internet websites, mobile apps, blogs, and more.

Reach the right audience of potential candidates in Latvia or around the world, no matter what is your company’s recruitment goal.

We have prepared two packages of Google Display Network campaigns – Standard and Premium, tailored to meet different recruitment goals.

The proposed sets include:

Approximate amount of impressions
100 000
Price: 300 €
Approximate amount of impressions
300 000
Price: 550 €
- The above prices do not include 21% VAT.
- The service is available only with a published job advertisement on, the costs of which are applied separately.

Examples of Google Display Network advertisements

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    Custom HR marketing campaign

    Based on your company's goals, recruitment needs and budget, we can create and implement a customized recruitment marketing campaign. This includes an analysis of the situation, the establishment of an appropriate marketing plan, the development of graphic design and content for various promotional materials, and the use of a variety of marketing communication channels.
    Situation analysis and marketing plan
    • Study and analysis of the situation
    • Targeting appropriate audiences
    • Setting up campaign goals
    • Development of a communication plan
    • Collecting and analysing campaign results
    Content marketing
    • Creating campaign texts (copywriting)
    • Creating graphic design of advertising materials – banners, layouts, landing pages
    • Preparation of video and photo materials
    • Preparation of printed promotional materials
    • Creating articles for blog and other channels
    Digital, social media and e-mail marketing
    • Advertising on the most popular websites in Latvia
    • Advertising on any social media
    • Remarketing
    • Advertising on Google platform
    • Advertising in e-mails of various databases
    Traditional marketing
    • Advertising on radio, TV, printed media, public transport, public places, labour office
    • Representation in educational institutions
    • Organizing career events
    PR and candidate experience
    • Creating surveys, communicating and summarizing results
    • Preparation of press release
    • Measuring candidates’ experience during recruitment
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